Wholesale Sneakers for as low as $20 a Pair

Wholesale Sneakers for as low as $20 a Pair

Jordans, Lebrons, Kobes, Air Max, Yeezy, Air Force 1, Flight, Presto, Shox, Trainers, Air Raids, Rosche, Huaraches, New Balance, Reebok, Fila, Adidas, and much more.


Will you be one of the smart ones?


Yeah, the True Players stack real cash knowing where to get AUTHENTIC KICKS…I’m talking Jordans to Lebrons to Kobes and more…for as little as $20 a pop to make 86% profit in the world’s dopest industry!


Why Not You?




Man, it really kills me…


I see cats out there grinding for a break…but almost all end up right back where they started…


Sure, some make a little green here and there. A few are even eating good! But eventually they all burn out and head back to the drawing board to hatch a brand new scheme…


You know the drill. You finally got a solid angle, but you take a run at it and everything falls apart. Maybe you even tried starting a “real business” but didn’t have the connections to source product at low enough prices to really profit…


And sometimes you feel like no matter how much heart you put into it, you’ll never be anything but another hopeless "get rich quick" fool, am I right?


Look, it’s not your fault no one ever showed you the back door…

Look, if you knew how to get authentic top brand shoes at rock bottom prices, you could stack big profits too!


Maybe you don’t come from a family with deep corporate connects or have some big-time MBA. And maybe you aren’t even that much of a smooth talker…If you’re like some of my clients, maybe you’ve never even worked a serious corporate gig your whole life, so the last thing you want to do is walk in asking these squares for a handout.


But think about this for a second:


Every single company in the world KNOWS they have to leave a big cut for the retailers. If they don’t, no one pushes their product...


That means every single company in the world is out there looking for people just like you.


So it should be no surprise you see guys out there flipping what look like real shoes while you keep plugging away at that day-job. It’s basic economics.


But you’re about to get YOUR foot in the door too…


Once you get the Wholesale Sneakers List, the only comprehensive resource for legitimate rock bottom shoes out there, you’ll be able to slip your feet into Jordans and other top dollar footwear cheaper than anyone in your city!

Yes, you can get the inside scoop on the sneaker industry too…even if you’ve never worked in a shoe store in your life!

I know what you’re thinking: “If it sounds too good to be true…”


Sure, stay on your toes, but don’t let paranoia keep you from stumbling upon a genuine business opportunity. The Wholesale Sneaker List is different.


We’re talking a real business here. The names and contact info of official distributors of the most desired kicks in the world. And once you download your copy, you’ll:


  • Learn exactly where and how to save a ton of money on the sneakers you love most!


Again, I’m talking about Jordans, Lebrons, Kobes, and a lot more – for as little as $20! Even if you’re not trying to start a business, at these low prices, you’ll build a huge shoe collection at a fraction of the price and save a damn good chunk of cash. Why not rock the styles you want AND save? But if you do want it, you’ll also:


  • Discover a legitimate, foolproof way to make baller cash quickly and easily online or right there in your city!


These SAME SNEAKERS go for $150 and more at the mall! And a lot more when they’re hot! When the exclusive limited releases hit the street, you know those shoes sell out quick–we’re talking thousands on the resell market! So, you can have a huge shoe collection or huge profits; the choice is really yours!


  • Plus…you’ll constantly turn heads with the hottest kicks in the room!


When a pair you’ve got your eyes on sells out in minutes in stores like Champs and Footlocker, and immediately online, no one will catch you camping out in lines like a chump or hoping to get lucky within the first few minutes when they hit the online stores. But you’ll still have all the hot releases because you’ll be first up each and every time – without even leaving your house! And that’s something people notice…

How is Any of This Even Possible?

I’m Michael David, and I was a first grader when I first noticed everyone going ga-ga over a pair of Jordans a kid in my class was wearing. Man, that really popped it off. Once I wet my appetite, I couldn’t stop, and I was a full-blown sneaker head by the time I hit 6th grade.


But things really took a turn in 2003. I was digging around for a good deal on shoes and came across this site selling discount sneakers. At first I thought it was a scam site…but I did some background research, and once I figured out how to check their credentials, ah, I was like a kid in a candy store!


Suddenly I found myself adding five pairs of authentic sneakers to my collection just like that!


Suddenly, it clicked…


I knew a laundry list of other people just like me who would kill to get their hands on deals like this. I started researching how these distributors operate, how they were able to offer products at such low prices, and how to verify who was legit and who wasn’t.


Then I went on a campaign, staying up all night for days on end putting together lists of resources and hatching big business plans…


These Days, Life Couldn't Be Better!

I own hundreds of pairs of sneakers now, I live the sneaker culture, and I have sold thousands of pairs over the years. I’ve even built and sold profitable sneaker businesses!


And let me tell you, I don’t clock in to no damn day job. No boss. I travel on the regular, going where I want around the world and buying what I want, when I want.


And my friends are in on the action now too. One of my boys owns the number one sneaker shop in my city, and another owns over a thousand pairs of sneakers and resells sneakers on a major level online!


I’ve done well for myself and I love what I do. But I’ve already carved out my spot, and now I get a lot of satisfaction showing frustrated hustlers like you how to do the very same thing.


If you want to make serious bread while building a business based on one of your greatest passions, we’ve already proven these insider secrets work again and again.

Don't Just Take My Word For It, Though - See For Yourself, Playboy...



Here's Exactly What You'll Find Inside The Wholesale Sneakers List...

  • The name, details, inventory specs, and contact info of over 30 Authentic Wholesale Sneaker Suppliers that are set up to do business with ambitious folks just like you…once you confirm how cheap they sell their sneakers, all you’ll see is profit!


  • Proven strategies others are using to make 6 or even 7 figures selling these shoes – yes, this is a real business here, and on top of these strategies you’ll get a full business plan walking you through the step-by-step process of setting up shop in no time!


  • New sneaker release calendars so you’re always up on the latest releases before the competition!


  • All the resources you need to know what sells best, what’s hot before it’s hot, and how to head off the latest trends in time to make a massive profit on every change in the market…


  • The unique language of sneaker culture so you can communicate with suppliers, place orders, and market to your savviest clients…the in-depth sneaker glossary will give you that extra edge to navigate and crush the sneaker game


  • How to easily spot the difference between fake and authentic sneakers so no one can get one over on you. This knowledge alone can make or break your business and reputation!


  • The tricks for offloading inventory in spots like EBay, Amazon, flea markets, roadside stands, Craigslist, and more– and a list of venues where people will literally beg to buy your product!


  • Where to get instant money to start buying sneakers today even if you’re dead broke! How to open your own store, and how to get $150,000 in funding no matter how smashed your credit!


  • Best shipping practices for saving money and headache– this one factor alone ruins profit margins all the time, but with this knowledge you can cut the BS and maximize the upside!


  • Jordans are still the bread and butter of this game, and we’ll position you to jump right in with the exclusive OG Jordan Encyclopedia! This niche market alone can lay the foundation for a lifetime career in the sneaker biz!


  • How to position yourself as a sneaker expert, and all the resources you need to become a true sneaker genius and the envy of all your friends!


  • Elite industry tricks to display your gear in a way that gets those eyes bugging! Keep them looking crisp and icy fresh out of the box and even learn how to restore your old battered-up pairs to make them look brand new again!


  • How you can easily start your own online store and get tons of visitors to your site, ways to sell sneakers on Facebook and other social media sites, and the heads up on other little-known places to sell sneakers for that BIG money!


  • Plus you’ll discover where to get items that go perfect with your sneaker-selling business or personal collection, such as NBA jerseys, Sunglasses, Snapbacks, and other high-end apparel at dirt cheap prices – you’ll even blow your own mind you’ll look so fly!


  • And a lot more! After you’re done devouring The Wholesale Sneaker List, you’ll have all the knowledge and resources you need to become a real deal professional sneaker reseller!

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Look, This Isn't Just About Money - It's a Passion Business!

You’re already spending too much money on sneakers. You know the people who collect and wear these want them…bad! They fantasize about them, they dream about them in their sleep, and hell, I most definitely don’t condone it, but people actually hurt each other to get them in their possession!

My point is this…

Digging your fingers into a passion business spells long-term opportunity!

And when you can get legit sneakers for $20 or less, the possibilities really are endless!

Most importantly, I know guys just like you out there making a killing, easily, and without a job. They’re loading up Instagram with their adventures around the world, pimping those shiny cars, and locking down VIP tables at the club every single weekend.

You can join them…

What’s the “Entry Fee” to Infiltrate the Slickest Game in Town?

A lot of entrepreneurs spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a legitimate operation up and running. So you probably assume you’ll at least need to throw a grand or so down to get this info in your corner...


In my own mind, this information is worth twice that


Because this business is something you can have up and running to make bucket-loads of cash almost instantly…from right where you are. A true blue lifestyle business!


But it’s not going to cost you thousands of dollars at all.


The regular price for the Wholesale Sneaker List is a mere $497…


And what’s more…


If you put your money down now, you can have the complete package for $67 right now!

This is a Limited Time Offer!

A one-time fee. No monthly payments. And I won’t even throw any upsells at you.


Just think about all the money you’ve wasted on silly business schemes.


Just think about all the money you’ve dropped on high end shoes in the past! The information in this report can save you thousands of dollars on your personal purchases alone!


So, don’t you think saving up to over $100 on every pair of shoes you buy is worth 67 measly bucks?


Of course it is…


Just click here and grab your copy before the price goes up again.


Still feeling skeptical? Let me put your mind at ease a little more…

Celebrities and Billion Dollar Brands do the Advertising for You!



Lock in the Low Price Before it Goes Up


I can’t offer it this cheap forever. If you pick up your copy now, you’ll only invest $67 – but if I kept it this cheap, I’d flood the market with sneakers.


So, hit the order button below and let’s get going – today is the day to stop playing and launch an evergreen business enterprise you can count on!




Wholesale Sneakers List 



Michael David | Wholesale Sneakers List


P.S. Just look around you. How many people do you see trying to make a buck with shortcuts and scams…or by slaving away at some day job with no real future? You’re not going to find a faster way to line your pockets with cash and still be able to live the kind of lifestyle you love, and I can promise you that. In fact, I already did. So click the buy now button– and get out there and start building your empire!



Wholesale Sneakers List 

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